Too cute for school!

The YMCA Indianapolis was holding a contest on Facebook. Winner received tickets to the Indianapolis home show. I won. I get excited about simple things like that, so I made my husband take a pic of me. It turned out pretty good and my hair was adorable!

My boobs look super pointy. Instead of my normal Lane Bryan Cacique bra, I was trying out a Just My Size Bra. It's comfy, but pointy boobs are a no no. 
We had fun, saw a lot of things we couldn't afford. I would like to say something I have noticed. When I was in Wisconsin, we had a couple hours of layover in Chicago. Every other person I would see had natural hair. It was amazing! I loved it!
Here in Indianapolis, not so much. That makes me sad. 
Love your hair, love yourself!
In other news, I have outgrown my favorite spring/summertime dress. I love this dress. I got it on ebay. I looked at the tag and contacted who I think are the creators of this dress, in the hopes that I can get like 5 of them. I will keep them in the back of my closet, and have to deem which events I consider dress-worthy. Kind of like Elaine on Seinfield when her sponges weren't going to be made anymore. 
Love this dress. LOVE IT!!