White Noise

White Noise

Directed by Geoffrey Sax

Starring Michael Keaton(Batman, Multiplicity), Debra Kara Unger(Silent Hill, Crash(the old one), Chandra West(not much), and Ian McNiece( Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls)

Keaton plays a Architect who loses his wife in a tragedy. He then is stricken with grief that he cannot shake. He then is approached by a man who informs him that he may be able to speak with his wife---from beyond the grave. He then becomes obsessed with seeking his wife and helping others, through the use of EVP(electronic voice phenomenon). The EVP’s help lead him into a world of evil from beyond and trying to help a missing person.

This movie is actually kinda cool. Watching all the ghost shows, I am very familiar with the use of EVP. It is kind of a creepy concept and it is worth a look if you have the time. It goes a little too far, but what do you expect for a horror movie.

I give this one 3 ½ bloody hand prints