Evil Dead

Genre: Horror

Director: Sam Raimi

Screenplay: Sam Raimi

Starring: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Richard DeManincor, Betsy Baker, and Theresa Tilly

Ash and his friends decide to take a trip to a cabin looking for some fun and relaxation. After arriving, strange things begin to happen, but that’s the warm up. After finding a strange book and recorded tapes in the basement, they decide to play the tapes and evoke an ancient evil.

I had listed in my top 10 favorite Halloween movies Army of Darkness. Well you rightly cannot do a real review without doing one about this film. That is why I chose to do this one instead being that it is the first of the trilogy, Army of Darkness being the last part. This is the brain child of Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Robert Tapert, longtime friends that decided to take the movie business into their own hands. They proved what a strong will and determination can really create, and it doesn’t matter if you live in Hollywood.

The film became successful, but to say that it was good is an entirely different matter alone. I guess it would have been considered alright for the time, and their budget was considered insignificant compared to the studio backed films. The film does have a place of honor as one of the original great scary films of the 80’s. There have been talks of a remake, which would really sadden me, because I don’t think anyone can imagine Ash as anyone else other than Bruce Campbell. The movie and character have spawned two more sequels, video games, and even a feature in comic books. When Marvel Comics decides to go zombie, of course they had to do a special version in which Ash gets thrown in the middle battling the zombie-fied superbeings, a drastic change from his usual “deadites.”

This is the film that started Bruce Campbell’s typecasted career of random horror films and guest appearances of several “weird” television show. I’m not complaining, because I love the guy so much, but I am glad that he has his role on Burn Notice. I would really love to see a guest appearance on Superntatural, especially before time runs out on that show. I would like for him to be given more of a chance with straighter roles, because I think he can more than handle it. He’s actually inspired a story for me that I base a straight character around him. I read about how he would love to handle a role like that, and the story came to me. Not that it will ever come to actual fruition as a movie, but hey, if he can inspire me to do that, he’s got to be a decent actor.

I give this film 2 Buttery Kernals.

Coming Soon: Drag Me to Hell