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Really Torrid? You're killing me with the nerd shirts. I want this so bad.



Jem and the Most Ridiculous Movie Trailer Ever

So I know this has been old news, but honestly, it really took me this long to even want to talk about the atrocity that is the trailer for the live action movie version of Jem and the Holograms. Let us start by discussing my own personal history and love for the original 80’s cartoon.

As a kid I loved a lot of things and watched a lot of stuff. Having an older brother, I was exposed to a variety that I would probably never thought to watch like Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, G.I. Joe, and Transformers. The two shows that I loved the most growing up was She-Ra Princess of Power and Jem and the Holograms. These two shows inspired so much for me as a kid that when I grew up and fell in love with writing, I knew I wanted to create something that would inspire that same imagination and enjoyment for other generations. Jem and the Holograms has always been more than just a show for me for this very reason. It’s colorful look and music solidifies what the 80’s mean, and probably a massive reason why I am obsessed with the decade still. Even the toys were more than just dolls. They came with cassette tapes of the theme song and a bonus song. I would wear those tapes out. It was a great show that embraced variety and culture.

For years, I have been teased with the dream of a live action version of Jem and the Holograms ever since Hasbro announced that the movie rights were bought shortly after the box office success of the first Transformers movie. Those rights were held onto for a few years, until they announced that they planned on going forward in shopping around for scripts and directors. Exciting for a nerd, I know, but that still meant we would be waiting awhile. Then about a year ago it was officially announced that director, John Chu, best known for the Step Up films and the last G.I. Joe, was going to take up the helm and make this movie happen. As much as I was unimpressed with the last G.I. Joe movie, I figured his work with concert films and the Step Up franchise would have sufficed enough as qualifications for the nature of Jem and the Holograms.

Once Chu took over and got screenwriters on board, they started spamming the fan base. They even made it believable that the fans could actually get an opportunity to become a part of the film. They declared that they were just as big fans as the rest of us. They opened auditions, but honestly it seemed that regardless of the outpouring of interest from the fandom, they still ended up picking lesser known actors, but actors in the trade nonetheless.

After all of the love, support, and excitement that was given to this project, we were shortly thereafter told that the film was completed a few months after officially hiring the actresses. Not a great sign, but it is possible that a labor of love could have been easy to achieve if the drive and passion was there. The film began to receive backlash for this after already dealing with the backlash of casting choices particularly for the character of Shana. This wasn’t really a great way to start the program, but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. I still believed in hope.

Then that fateful Wednesday happened, and they dropped the trailer for what was supposed to be the Jem and the Holograms movie. I have no idea what the hell John Chu intended for this movie, but he sure as hell didn’t make a Jem and the Holograms movie. To say I was upset after watching it, is putting it lightly. I was devastated. Please understand that I personally allow for variations of material when adapted for the big screen. I get that film adaptations have to make changes especially due to time constraints, but the only thing resembling the original 80’s cartoon is the damn title and the names of the characters. This may actually be cute or entertaining for someone who has no idea what Jem and the Holograms is really about. For a fan, this is what happened in the trailer. Someone took something as entertaining and fun as the show Friends and simply changed Monica’s name to Jerrica.

Jem and the Holograms is the story of Jerrica inheriting her father’s music business after his passing. While dealing with his death and the untrustworthy issues her father’s business partner, one of her father’s greatest passions in life was helping out the orphans of the Starlight Foundation. Unfortunately, her father’s business partner put an end to funding for the foundation leaving the orphans in dire need. Her father had one last gift, and it was one very large and sophisticated computer, named Synergy. This computer allowed her to create her own band with the power of holograms to win a contest for a mansion, a mansion that they needed for the future home of the Starlight orphans.

Watch the trailer again. Don’t be surprised if nothing about that trailer resembles the above. If you want to have an idea of what good change and modernization of a story looks like, then check out IDW’s comic revival of Jem and the Holograms. There are some changes and variations from the original story, but nothing that takes away from the actual heart of the story. I wish they would have moved from the shy storyline and kept the badass record producer, but I get that they are trying to intrigue teen audiences. The other changes actually help the original nature of the story as far as representing our current and modern culture. Only three issues and it is clear someone knows what they are doing. Now, if only someone from IDW can let John Chu know why he f@#$ed up so badly.

Wish List Friday

These are seriously adorable. I would love to have them and wear them around. No one, would really know what they mean.  Le sigh.

sailor venus shoes

Wish List Friday

I saw this T-shirt from and fell in love. I know it is kind of cheesy, but that is what makes it pretty damn awesome!


Tis the Season for Geek Swag

This holiday I was blessed with all sorts of great goodies, so much in fact that I decided to share them with all of you.

Dean and Sam Get a Clue


I indeed coveted this item, but saw that it was practically sold out everywhere. I didn’t think I would be a proud owner until later in the year. My family made sure that I was not without! I thought about taking some more pictures of the details, but I thought I would save that for a separate post that would feature it and the gameplay. I will probably do the same with my recent birthday present of Doctor Who Monopoly.

A History Lesson


If you love history and alcohol, then you should be watching Drunk History. I got this from my family and have some catching up to do. This show is amazing and hilariously perfect. It actually started out as a Funny or Die web skit, but Comedy Central eventually picked it up and turned it into a full blown series. They basically get someone, who knows the specific historical tale, wasted and have them retell the story while under influence. They then get your favorite comedians to reenact to the very detail of the drunken tale. It is fantastic. It can be gross, depending on how well or badly an individual can handle their drink. So worth it though.

Sailor Solidarity Tee


I got this lovely t-shirt from my one of my besties. I do love me some Sailor Moon. It’s fun, and it is true!

Guardians of the Thirsty

IMG_0062 IMG_0059 IMG_0058

This was another lovely gift from one of my besties. I love these cups, especially at work for water. This is my first nerdy one! Yay!

Christmas Tree of Sleeping Beauty


I love and adore Princess Aurora. I have loved that movie since I was a kid, but if there is one place where it is made insanely clear how much I love her, it is on my Christmas tree. I have been collecting for about fifteen years now. I got these lovely new additions from my mum and dad. They feed my obsession. Technically, I bought the kiss scene ornament, but it was from Christmas money sent from my parents. I think I will do a post next holiday season of all of the ornaments I have collected over the years.

Make It Blue


I got this great doll gift set from my sister. While I love the special dolls, I don’t normally go and try to get my hands on every single Princess Aurora doll that has ever been made. My friends and family do however understand that if she is in a blue dress, then it’s a whole other story. As with this lovely, signature set, Princess Aurora is proudly dressed in blue. I love it!

“Are you okay? Do you need a Fresca?”


This next gift isn’t exactly nerdy, but so fitting and hilarious to those that know me well. I quote the above line from the movie Slackers all of the time. That movie is crazy random, which is why I love it so much. My sister sent this to me as well for the holiday, and I fell out. I love it and wear it proudly.

The Marvel of Carol Danvers


I got this bad ass poster one of my besties and her family. They honestly spoiled the shit out of me, which is amazing, but not necessary. Honestly, I loved it. Lol! I am single. I don’t have a man to spoil me. I will need to get a frame for this, so I can put it up properly. I can’t wait.

The Good Fire


I got this from my bestie and her family as well. When it comes to my favorite super hero, the difference is barely existent. Honestly, I only love Phoenix more than Carol Danvers, because I have had the Phoenix in my life longer. This is pretty bad ass, and you can flip the head around to make her expression angry. That’s pretty awesome.

The Very, Very Bad Fire


The very same bestie and her family finished their spoiling with this kick ass Dark Phoenix figure. There is not too many things in the Marvel universe that outrank the Phoenix when it comes to power, but when she is sporting red, you better run like hell. I enjoy that her expression is pissy. It just adds to the overall effect of the doll.

Wish List Friday

The artist is named Eriphyle, and her nouveau Sailor Moon art is phenomenal! I have been chasing her art for awhile, and I seriously want her Sailor Venus shirt. I, technically, want them all, but if I could only choose one, it would be good old Sailor V for me.


Sailor Moon Crystal

Alas there has only been one episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, but it was effective none the less. Seasoned fans should have no fear of the new world presented by the original creator, Naoko Takeuchi. With only watching the first episode, I am confident it will only continue to satisfy.

Is there a difference between the beloved anime from the 90’s and the newest incarnation? As of yet, no, but there probably will be. The main purpose of the newest series is to devote itself to the original manga that inspired the 90’s anime. After watching the first episode of Crystal, fans will argue that it is virtually frame by frame the same as the first episode of the original show. There will be those moments throughout the newest anime, but the old anime jumped shipped and changed up the story more than a bit at times when compared to the original manga.

While the first season of the original anime followed the manga pretty closely, I suspect that we will not see a relationship between Zoisite and Kunzite. This relationship never existed in the manga. Some may be upset over this, but alas it is for the sake of continuity. The four Dark Kingdom Generals were originally the guardians and friends of Prince Endymion. Though never actually confirmed, they may have been romantically involved with the inner senshi. Naoko Takeuchi is the one that suggested the romantic relationship in the past lives of both the Earth and Moon warriors.

If the new anime makes it, and I cannot see a reason at this moment that it would not, the following seasons will probably be greatly affected. There will most likely be no Doom Tree storyline. While it isn’t horrible, it wasn’t really my personal favorite storyline. It just never seemed to fit with the rest of the show.

So what do I love about Crystal? The animation is gorgeous. It looks like it was ripped from the very pages of the manga. I know that there has been some groans about the unrealistic look of many of the female characters, but I don’t take it personally. It is a cartoon. In comparison to most of the other anime out there, Sailor Moon Crystal still wins for being less offensive. I cannot say enough about how much I love the art in this anime. The characters look so ethereal and magical just with this change. Basically someone came in and said we are going to redo your favorite cartoon, and we are going to clean it the hell up. They sure did, too.

All of the favorite characters are still back and at the end of the episode there was a silent nod to Ami, so maybe the next will be Sailor Mercury’s episode. Umino is back as well as Naru. They look exactly as they always have except they have that same finesse as with all the animation for the show. Of course, Mamoru makes an appearance and exactly as he did in the manga.

Mamoru is actually the character that I hope they get right this time around. I have found a way to ignore the awkward pedophile-esque relationship between Usagi and Mamoru from the anime with the knowledge that he was actually about seventeen in the manga and still in the high school. Why someone thought that it would be an awesome idea to suddenly make that man about twenty and in college when he meets and starts his relationship with Usagi is crazy sauce. He is way way more interesting in the manga and has better character development. Tuxedo Mask and Darien were my cartoon crush growing up. I wanted to be with a guy that always protected me just like him. Sailor Moon didn’t always needs saving, but he was there regardless. I also hope, they throw that awful green sports jacket away as well.

At the very least I am excited for this show, yes, even as a thirty year-old woman. This has always been one of my favorite love stories. I am a hopeless romantic, so a little bit of that hooks me well. This show depicts two people that have fought space, time, and death to be together. Edward and Bella have nothing on these two. Annoyed that I will only get a new episode every other Saturday, at least everybody will know what I will be doing next Saturday.

My Top 10 Favorite Cartoons Growing Up


  1. She-Ra Princess of Power


This is probably what started my fascination with powerful female figures. My most vivid childhood memory is from getting a slew of toys from this show. She-Ra was awesome. She may have been timid when she was Princess Adora, but there was none of that when she changed into She-Ra. The twin sister of He-Man had her hands full trying to reclaim Etheria along with her fellow rebels from Hordak and the Horde. If they ever decided to do a Grayskull movie, can we please have our home girl in it? That would be fantastic. Honestly, if they need a story, they need to look no further than the recent comic book series for He-Man at DC. There is your movie story. Make her the villain and let her grow, just like in the comics. It was epic storytelling. Honestly if Hordak is supposed to be as evil and scary, scarier that Skeletor even, as he was portrayed in the cartoon how in the world did Princess Adora remain so sweet after she was kidnapped as a baby and raised by Hordak. The person she becomes in the comics is much more believable. If you love She-Ra definitely check out that story arc. I just hope they bring her back eventually to become She-Ra in that comic series.


       2. Jem and the Holograms


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love 80’s music. Terrible or not I consume all of it, and the music takes me to my happy place. Is it really hard to believe that a show that lives and breathes 80’s music and ran by an awesome chick band would be something I would hold dear? Nope, not really. Jerrica Benton and her friends and sister start a rock bend to fund the needs of a group of orphans. What they ended up having was a hit. With the help of a special computer named Synergy Jerrica was able to create a hologram over herself turning her into Jem. The band not only performs, but constantly foils the devious plans cooked up by rival band, the Misfits, and Eric Raymond. I own the whole series now, and it is always a fun show to revisit with friends and criticize it from an adult perspective. From the girl that wanted to change her name to Kimber this is definitely at the top of my list. I am ecstatic that they announced officially that they are doing a movie. They have opened up a lot of the production facets to the fans, and this girl is going to get in line if they open up the writing. I’m so excited!

      3. Sailor Moon

sailor-moon blog

I can’t remember how many times I got into trouble for watching this show. It came on early in the morning at 6:30 am, and instead of getting up earlier to actually make myself presentable for school, I would waste the time away and watch this only to be yelled at for procrastinating. It’s what I did and barely made it to the bus on time. It is the story of Usagi, Serena for the American version, a clumsy, ditzy young fourteen year-old girl that is the complete opposite of every hero ever created. She gets powers and finds out she is the reincarnation of an ancient moon princess. Her friends, and former guardians from once upon a time, help her battle the forces of evil that come and threaten the planet earth. They don’t ever get far with Sailor Moon standing in their way. She may be clumsy and ditzy, but what she has is a heart full of love. That is what ultimately makes her the most powerful guardian in the entire galaxy. This was awesome for me and I was super bummed when my local station just quick showing it midway through season two. I was probably in late high school when they started showing in on the Cartoon Network. Alas, I had no cable. It wouldn’t be until college that I got to finish the series, not only that, but I was introduced to the Japanese version. That my friends is a whole new ballgame. I can’t even watch the American version anymore. It drives me crazy. They announced recently that the creator is bringing it back. Many fans of all ages including myself is eager for this to come out. I can only hope it will still be awesome.


       4. X-Men

X-MEN The Animated Series Vol. 1  DVD

This was bonding time for my brother and I. We watched several stuff that the other liked over the years, but this was the probably one of the few shows we were on the same page for. A group of mutants, humans given special abilities due to a specific gene, ran by the compassionate figure of Charles Xavier, Professor X, were constantly in a battle to make peace between mutants and the humans they scared or were hated by. This was never any easy task, but persistence and morality drove them all to constantly choose the right thing to do. That is pretty awesome considering a seven year difference. This was probably the first most serious cartoon I ever started to watch. There was ton of conflict and ton of characterization. I loved the kick ass ladies as well. It has a lot do with why I am a comic fan.

       5. Muppet Babies

muppet babies blog

I was a huge Muppets fan when I was a kid, and when this show started, it was epic times. It was all our favorite Muppet characters as babies making each day go by with their vivid imaginations. I doubt this show will ever be released in the US on any kind of format due to all of the special movie and television scenes borrowed by the show, the above picture being an example. That is what made this show so fun. It is unfortunate, but sorting out the rights in our world after everything being bought, sold, and merged is probably a massive nightmare. My parents took me to a live performance of this when I was a kid, and I was still pretty little. I remember walking with them down a hallway and the actors were coming out dressed up in their giant Muppet Babies costumes. I broke from my parents and sprinted towards Miss Piggy. I latched on to her leg in the biggest hug, because I believed at the time that this was Miss Piggy. Bless the actor’s heart, they were really good to me and played along. It is a memory I shall never forget.

          6. Talespin

talespin blog

Who cares that Disney recycled the characters from the Jungle Book, this was good television. Disney had an exceptional run with cartoons in the 90’s, but if I had to choose from one of the earlier greats it would be this. Baloo is a cargo plane pilot with a courier company that is just hanging in there based in the 1930’s. It was fantastic television and again one of those rare moments where my brother and I clicked. My father was an airplane mechanic and in the Air Force Reserves, so anything that had a plane usually caught both my brother and I’s attention.


             7. Batman The Animated Series

batman blog

It is was a dark, gothic, and probably a little more violent than I was used to, but it was an fantastic Batman series. It was the typical Batman story that we saw in the movies and comics. It laughed in the face of the old campy television show. This show was so powerful that it actually altered the comic universe. Characters and storylines were carried over and kept as canon. Who doesn’t love the crazy, psychopathic hench girl of Joker, Harley Quinn. She came from this cartoon. Just this past week’s episode of Arrow had a quick cameo by the lunatic. The cartoon is a must watch for any Batman fan. It is where I first got most of my knowledge of the Gotham world.

       8. Gargoyles

gargoyles blog

Man was this a good show from Disney. It is one that I would love to watch again as an adult because a lot of the content was pretty mature and deep. I personally loved all of the Arthurian and Shakespearian ties in the show. My knowledge was pretty limited at that time, so watching it now, could really show some things. It is what made the story line so rich. These Gargoyles that have spent eternity as stone due to a spell were once again awakened in modern day New York and only had the darkness to be alive, because the sun would revert them back to their stony personas. This is one of the cartoons that I would love to see as a movie. It has been rumored, but nothing set in stone. I know, it was a cheap pun. I think our modern computer graphic technology would bring this to life in a way that would blow our minds.

       9. Animaniacs

animaniacs blog

This is one of those shows that had a whole new meaning as I got older. It had the fart jokes for the kids, and we loved it, but it was one of those few shows that decided to entertain the parents as well. It is one of the best from the cartoon gold that Steven Speilberg presented in the 90’s. It is the story of the wild and crazy Warner brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and their sister, Dot. No one knows what or who they are exactly, but they are the menace that live in the Warner Brother studios water tower. They are the mainly focused characters, but the show is broken up into several shorts with lovable returning characters like the Goodfeathers, Rita and Runt, Slappy the Squirrel, Pinky and the Brain, and Mindy and Buttons. I still call my own mother “Lady” to this day because of Mindy and Buttons. They just don’t make cartoons like this anymore.

      10. Histaria!

histeria blog

It was before it’s time and didn’t get a lot of viewership. I was so in high school when it came out, but this show taught me a lot of history. Most of the history was satire which made it hilarious. My brother also watched this show with me even though he was in college along with my mother. If you knew some history, this show was comedy. Are family especially loved the Viking stories. I still know all of the names of the Tudor family because of this show.

My Top Five Favorite Marvel Female Superheroes

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of guy superheroes that I get excited for. I am salivating as much as the next nerd for the new Captain America movie. I just personally believe that girls can kick ass as well as the next guy. I am a Buffy fan, so this should be no surprise. Allow me to showcase some of my favorites. Some you know, and some you may not.

1. Phoenix

Whether she’s bad or whether she’s good, Jean Grey’s incarnation or should I say several incarnations of the Phoenix is definitely a wild card for any side that wants to have her in its back pocket. There are two main schools of thought concerning the Phoenix’s origin. The first one, Jean Grey is such a bad ass mutant, or level 5 as they call it, that the Phoenix is actually the name given to her full psychic abilities and persona which had been dampened for Jean’s safety as well as pretty much everyone else by Professor X. This was the version they leaned towards in in the third X-men movie, and honestly not my favorite. The second one is of the Phoenix as a cosmic entity that uses Jean Grey as a host, and has been known to use other characters as well, the most popular being Jean. Not only do her telekinetic and telepathic abilities increase astronomically, but she gains cosmic abilities that can effect anything in the universe at a subatomic level as well as manipulate life and death like she’s changing nail polish colors. Cosmic powers pretty much trump most in a fight, but Jean has to take a page out of the Hulk’s book otherwise she just might destroy the universe during her next tantrum. Did I mention she’s been known to eat stars when she’s feeling peckish?


2. Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers has held many aliases over the years, her most notable being Ms. Marvel. Don’t let her name changes cloud the fact that she is one tough lady. She was formerly a pilot in the Air Force and worked as special ops for the branch after being captured and tortured during a flight test that crashed. When I say tortured, they beat the mess out of the poor woman. Injuries and all she managed to escape and deal out some payback. Why is this detail so important? This happened before she got superpowers. Ms. Marvel #32 is rough to read, but solidifies her as a badass. Due to an explosion of an alien Kree  device, Carol is given powers. She can fly, has super strength, and can absorb energy, throwing it right back as a weapon. Unfortunately over the course of her life, she was kidnapped by the alien race, the Brood, tortured and experimented on turning her into the entity Binary. There was also that run-in with Rogue who held onto her just a little too long and permanently absorbed her powers and memories, leaving her in a coma. She eventually wakes up and regains her abilities, but not her memories. After all of that she fell victim to alcoholism, which honestly isn’t surprising with everything that’s happened to her. She did eventually sober up, and even had Tony Stark as her sponsor. She is currently flying under the name of Captain Marvel in honor of the original and deceased Captain Marvel. She once again becomes victim to amnesia due to her recent self-sacrifice to save New York and the world. She is definitely one awesome lady and one I hope to see on the big screen.


3. Spider-Woman-

Jessica Drew has a couple of versions in the Marvel universe, but the most recent and well know version makes the original look like a girl scout. Jessica got her powers in the womb after her mother is exposed to an experiment on spiders. As a child, she begins displaying similar powers to the spider, such as the ability to climb up walls and an energy, venom blast coming from her hands. During a fight between her father and mother, Jessica blasts her father in order to save her mother, but the strain makes the child pass out, only to wake up from some kind of stasis as an older teenager in the welcome arms of HYDRA. She is manipulated by the organization and turned into a weapon. She eventually discovers the treachery and does a little soul searching before becoming an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. under Nick Fury, who has her become a double agent and sign up for HYDRA as well. I would say that she becomes and Avenger during this time also, but Jessica became the chosen form for the Skrull queen during their invasion of Earth because of her ties to both organizations. Jessica never made it past her recruitment of HYDRA being taken and help captive until her escape from the Skrulls along with several other heroes that were captured. She does fully join the Avengers team after her return becoming one of their most valuable characters.


4. Storm

Growing up watching the X-Men cartoon, Storm was just the pure impersonation of class to me. Her ability to control the weather was unquestionably formidable, but it was her clear and level mind that was often the voice of reason for the team when Professor X was not around made me admire her. She did break at times losing her temper and control over her powers every once in a while. She could be rendered useless when her severe claustrophobia attacked. The woman has a past as well. She was homeless as a child and turned to thievery to survive. When her powers began to emerge, she was treated as a goddess with the tribe in Africa that she was staying with. All were major challenges that shaped the amazingly fierce and balanced woman that she became. As much as I loved Halle Berry playing her in the film, I just don’t think the movie really showcased this important side of her. She was always a wise asset and leader when needed. It was a shame that the film couldn’t show that.


5. Rogue

I was an X-Men fan first due to the 90’s cartoon, and Rogue was the easy choice for my number five. I learned about her living with only her mutant power of absorbing others energies and life forces after the shows ending. At the time I never realized that Rogue didn’t always have Carol Danver’s strength and power of flight her whole life. I was too entertained by her sarcasm and southern charm as she mopped the floor with the bad guys to care. Now I know better, and though the movie version was not the Rogue I wanted, it was the version that is most common. You can’t help but empathize with her over the power she has been known to refer to as a curse on more than one occasion. She can’t touch anyone meaning she can’t have any kind of real or intimate relationship with anyone. Cuddling is high risk with her. Anytime a cure is mentioned, it’s no wonder she’s the first one to jump. Even though I was bummed to hear Anna Paquin’s scenes in the next X-Men film were dramatically cut. I was hoping that we would get a post Carol Danver’s version of Rogue, who is honestly a little handier in a fight. Alas, I guess I’ll just have to wait till the Blu-ray comes out to see those special features.


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