Monsta X, If you Ever Hear this, Pretend like you Didn’t.

This episode can also be called "Lee Jooheon, Iris is waiting for you."


In one of the wildest episodes in the two years of this podcast (Has it been two years? 2020 has been 150 years, so we don't even know), Iris and Kat come on to talk to Leslie about all three of them being Hagbebes. A term (not lovingly) coined by younger Monbebe's who can't drive or pay for their own concert tickets. Leslie, Iris, and Kat believe this just makes them groupie witches and are patiently awaiting their powers. 


Bra talk, stalker talk, Dasani talk.  Listen in! Also Dasani, if you want to sponsor us.. hey...


Content warning: Brief mentions of medical procedures and poop. I told you this was a wild ride. 


Iris does not want her twitter info out, so you will have to suffer without her. 

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