You Might Think

I’m still chasing the dream of a job. I got so desperate that I decided to pimp myself out for one on facebook. It didn’t really turn out to be as good as a plan as I had originally thought, hence the whole still unemployed thing. On the brightside, I am off to a job fair for healthcare tomorrow, and just because there is only one job that I’m qualified for, does not mean I will not go in with a frown on my face. I still have dignity. I took a chance and called the temp agency yesterday. Nothing productive yet, but it was a new girl, and I hope to be in contact with her again. The last girl I’ve been working with didn’t exactly seem to care and was extremely over stressed.

I just got over one of the best colds I’ve ever had in my life. Squishy loves his Aunt so much, he decided to share his cold with her. Apparently, my colds have normally been über miserable due to my horrible allergies. I am currently enjoying no allergies, since moving to the try climate Las Vegas. I am told though that I will feel the wrath of allergies again in a few years. I’ve been through it once, I can go through it again. I am just enjoying the vacation.

I experienced my first real culture shock this past Saturday. I joined Emily and Kellan on their trip to the apple orchard, where we planned on getting many fall fun things like apples and pumpkins. I am fully aware that I am living in an entirely different climate, but I misjudged this last Saturday. I thought that I would wear a thin long sleeved t-shirt, thinking that while still warm, it might be too cool to wear short sleeves. Oh, did I mention that it was over 100° at the orchard. I was hot and confused because I was looking at pumpkins, pumpkins that were planted with corn that was ready to be harvested. I was so hot that I immediately chugged apple cider, which is never a good plan, no matter who tells you it is. This was nothing like the field of corn I grew up next to back in Indiana.

It is the Halloween season, so on my film blog I’ve been reviewing films for the season. Not all of the movies are good, but that just allows me to make fun of them. I’m having fun with that, and a bud is helping me out with a few reviews of his own. I can only imagine what fun I’m in for with him. I also busted out the infamous Monster Mash N’ Mix. My Halloween playlist is a highlight of my season.

On a happy side, I’ve been struck by the writing bug. I have shoved away the Jane Austen themed novel aside to the vault of looked over ideas, but every once in awhile they get pulled back out and the dust blown off of them. I’m working on a young adult novel and am taking this one a bit more serious. You can always tell when I’m serious, because I do research, outline, and do character bios. It is amazingly an idea I have been toying with for a few years now, and now have pulled it out of the vault and dusted it off for real business. We’ll just see how long this lasts.

Until next time…..