80’s Music Wednesday

So hands down, my favorite 80's song is Only You by Yazoo. The song you may recognize, but the band name may be a bit off. Random 80's trivia that will not effect your life in any manner time? GOOOO! The English group Yazoo is actually known as Yaz in the States for legal reasons because another US band held the name. I admit the video is odd and adds to my ever growing issues with dolls and inanimate objects that resemble people and could possible kill you in the night because suddenly they can walk. My English degree finds that last sentence appalling, but it is an accurate display of my neurosis where that matter is concerned. Now back to the song. Take away all of the creepy mannequins and you are left with only a voice and synthesizer creating one of the most romantically simple songs of the decade.  I am a woman that likes simple declarations of love. It makes me a bit of a hopeless romantic.