A Little More Information

Just to keep this site moving, I am going to start reviewing my film collection. My collection is getting close to 500, and it is still growing. Yes, I do realize that I have a problem. Lol! Also, I should mention that I do have some anal-retentive issues when it comes to my movies. I keep them if alphabetical order. This will be very apparent, as I go through my reviews. Don’t be afraid to laugh about that. It is okay to make fun of me. For the reviews of the films in my personal collection, I thought that I will also add why I own them. This is an important reason to me, because not all movies should be purchased. There are even some movies that will take 2 hours of your life that you will never get back. Keeping with this spirit, I will also let you know where a new film measures up in this way. I'll let you know whether you should stay away, go see immediately, buy, or just rent.

I will be leaving this site open for anyone to leave a comment if they like, regardless if they are affiliated with Blogger. I will rate my films through Buttery Kernels. Yes, it is rather cheesy, but since I wanted to be different from the regular Stars rating system, this is was the only representation I could find that was not currently being used. It will be used like the standard system: 1 to 5 Buttery Kernels, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. I hoping that you will have as much as I and thanks for visiting Blondie’s Flick Find.

Coming Soon: About A Boy