A year is coming up and I am excited

Do you guys realize that I have had natural hair for almost a year? A YEAR! I was in the shower yesterday and tugged on a lock of hair to see how long it is getting. My hair is about the length it was before I went natural. I don't have all the breakage in the back that I had when my hair was relaxed as well! I am planning on doing a video for my year anniversary. I am going through my hard drives trying to collect all the photo's that I have with my natural hair.

I will set it to music. It will be great.

It is Sunday, and in my house that means football. My hubs and his brother and father are in the living room watching football. I don't do football. Except the superbowl. And I don't really do the superbowl, I just do the commercials.. but GO COLTS anyways LOL.

Till next time