Accessorizing My Natural Hair *haul, kinda*

You made it through the week! Woo! I promise I won't put up the annoying Rebecca Black song... Instead...

If Rebecca Black is a disease, this is surely the Cure. *Snort* You see what I did there?

Anywhoozle, there hasn't been much going on in my natural hair world, and although I took a bizarre foray into the relaxed world, that was just a temporary thing.

I did however, purchase (and was gifted) some spring time accessories. Lets take a look-see.

I am forever looking for a bright pink lipstick. Because I am so dark, something that looks bright pink in the tube, just makes me look like I have glossy lips. I want to say I had given up hope of ever finding anything, but that is a lie, I am always looking. I was flipping through my Youtube makeup subscriptions, when I came across MrsRoss.

I've watched her Youtube videos for about two years now, but I tend to skip over a lot of them. She rambles sometimes, and there are long pauses as she searches for whatever product she is talking about. However in one of the stills I noticed she had on a bright pink lipstick! She is only a shade or two lighter than me, so I decided to check it out.

Yes, you read that correctly, it is a 35 minute video. If you are just interested in the lipstick information, skip to about the 30 minute mark, I think. The stuff that she shows throughout the video is interesting though, so I would recommend watching it. 

The lipstick she has on (which she was using as a duplicate for a Mac Cosmetics color) is from Milani Cosmetics. It is a drug store brand, However, you can order it off of their website as well. I happened to go to CVS the other day and I saw it there. While it was a dollar cheaper on the website, You also have to pay shipping and handling by using the website. I'm not all about that, unless I can use Ebates (which, on their website, I can't). I did buy it online this time because I was so exciited to find a pink lipstick possibility that I couldn't wait  I didn't know they sold it in drug stores. I should have by the video, but yeah. 
Anyway, I ended up getting the Milani lipstick in Rose Hip and in Royale. The Royale is one of their limited editions, so it is in the closet section of their website. Here are swatches, taken from the Milani Website:

Rose Hip
I know it looks more red than pink, but on my skin tone it comes out a pink

This is a little lighter pink than the Rose Hip, but it has enough pigmentation that it shows up nicely on my lips!

I was so excited about these purchases, I had to share them with you!
Finally, It was a special week this week at the Tale of Going Natural. I was so excited because one of my close friends, Kim came to visit Indiana from Vegas! I have spoken about Kim on here once I think. She came bearing gifts as well. Her sister-in-law Emily, has an Etsy shop and creates all sorts of fun things. She asked her sister to create something for me! 
Sorry my face isn't showing, I look a hot mess. 

Isn't it cute! I don't own a red one either! Thank you Kim! Thank you Emily!
That is pretty much all for now. I hope you guys have  a safe and happy weekend!