Be Yourself, Be Beautiful

First off, I hope everyone had a joyous and happy Thanksgiving. My was wonderful.

Yesterday caught me looking adorable. My hair was poofed, I had on a cute top, skinny jeans and my Uggs. I felt great and I knew I looked good.  Yesterday's holiday was spent at the in-laws, so I just talked to my family on the phone. When talking to my mom I told her how adorable I looked, and she just laughed and told me I was silly.

You see this a lot with people. They don't compliment themselves, they wait for someone to validate their adorableness. Thing is, I don't need that. I know when I am cute. I also know when I look a hot mess (like, uh, right now lol). I don't need anyone to tell me how cute I look. Yes, it is nice that you have noticed that I look good, and thank you for the compliment. But I don't dress nice just to please you. I dress nice because I feel good dressing up.

So, all of you out there, who are looking flyy, being yourself, being smexy, and just feeling great. Tell yourself you are adorable. Make sure you mean it. Love you. Love being you!