Braid out.. My experience.

So. Braiding. Yeah.

I am a weirdo, and learned to braid in a weirdo fashion. The most basic braid I learned was on my Barbie when I was younger, behind the recliner. I guess I liked to sit there, I don't really know why.

I learned to french braid by working in a group home for the developmentally disabled. One of the young ladies had hair down to her butt, and loved for her hair to be played with. I read an article on french braiding and tried it on her hair until I could get it right.

With this great knowledge under my belt (giggle) and some youtube videos and advice, I began my braid out.

My hair is still sort of short. So, yeah, no clue what I was getting into. I got about three braids in, and my arms started to hurt. Plus, all of my braids had giant poofies on the end. I was getting distraught.

In walks my husband. Here is our conversation:

J: What are you doing?
Me: *whining* attempting to braid my hair, but I have short hobbit-like arms and am having difficulty with the back
J: I could help.
Me: Do you know how to braid?
J: No, but you could teach me.
Me: Hrmmm.. Okay

So I undo my first braid and I show him how to braid. He nods his head, grabs some of the coconut oil I am using in his palms and rubs it together. He has me sit inbetween his legs, and goes to town. A minute or so later he asks "Can I twist the hair as I braid? It makes it easier." I tell him to do what he wants. 15 minutes, and he is done.

I touch the back of my head, not expecting much, but to my utter shock... Jeff is good. JEFF IS REALLY REALLY GOOD AT BRAIDING!!! Not only are his braids great, He doesn't haven the poofies on the end like I have!!!! What the hell!? Who did I marry? Vidale Sassoon!? I ask him had he ever braided hair, and he looked at me blankly. "How did you braid this well on your first try?" his response? "I'm good with my hands." He washes his hands and continues to watch "Countdown" With Keith Olbermann. Well. I'll. Be. Damnned.

The next morning I take the braids out of my hair, not knowing what to expect.



It is the biggest I have ever seen my hair in my life. Here are some pics from when i unbraided it. I apologize, I was taking them, and I am not the greatest picture taker.. of myself LOL

I had just taken the braids out....
Really out of focus, the back of my head. It looks like I might have a bald spot, but I don't.
More of my bathroom than my hair! 

I look like Don King.
I then pulled it into a poof, and enlisted Jeff's help taking a pic. 

 Yeah the back looked a little crazy. I worked on it for a while after that Glamour shot right there.
Now, to give you a bit of a reference, I must show you what my poof normally looks like...

Do you see how much of a volume difference there is!?
Jeff said he will braid my hair any time I want. You best believe I am going to take him up on that offer when I have a chance!