First day of the challenge.

Last night I did not pre-poo. I just didn't have time. I have been kind of running ragged making sure the house is in decent condition for my dad. It is, with the exception of my desk. My desk looks like a bomb blew up on it. That won't be helped until after the semester is over.

Today though I pre-poo'd/ deep conditioned my hair using coconut oil, and put one of those plastic baggie hair things over my head. I have hated those things since I was a kid. They irritate me badly. But I kept it on for a couple hours as I did homework, answered e-mails and did laundry. I forgot my husband told me that the people were coming over to clean the gutters and I actually answered the door in that thing. Poor guy.

I showed and conditioned as I usually do, and took a little bit of time to detangle my hair.

Now? My hair feels really soft. It felt softer than it normally does after I get out of the shower. Maybe there is something to this after all.