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Are you ready to Bee Funny!?

So for me, Bee Funny today is not about pictures, it is about a story. Yesterday was the Pretty Indy Party . It was a chance for people to get out, meet other people, socialize and network. That is exactly what I did. Slipping a few of my business cards into my luggage  purse. I took a deep breath and started to get ready for the party.

Honestly? I used to be a big party animal. But who likes going to events alone? Not me. I really haven't made any friends since I have moved to Indianapolis. But I was going to this with the determination to network and maybe make a friend!

I had a blast. They everyone left with a free book by author Laina turner-Molaski called Stilletos and Soundrels.  It sounds like a really good read and I can't wait to crack into it. I am going to try and read it and finish up here fast because in a couple of weeks school starts back and I won't have much time for my enjoyment reading!

The best part of the night came from the girl sitting right beside me. She was in town from North Carolina. She had a wedding to attend, friends to visit and one of the pretty indys throwing the party was one of her dearest friends. I haven't laughed so hard at something in a long time. She taught me a new drink: Vodka Awesomes. She orders vodka and water. Boring right? THEN...she pours in half a pack of crystal light drink mix. She said she felt like my pusher giving me a pack to try myself *snicker*

The night went forth and her and I just got sillier and sillier.
Her: What?
Me: Is that Paris Hilton outside!?
(both of us turn and look at an incredibly tall incredibly blond girl with what looked like a skimpy towel wrapped around her and clipped with a sparkly jewel.)
Her: OMG she looks like one step up from pretty woman hooker!

Later on

Her: Look! it's Snooki and J-wow!
(we turn and look at the bar where in fact Snooki and J-wow lookalikes were hitting on the same guy)
Me: I didn't know we were in Jersey.
Her: I LOVE THIS PARTY! There are so many lookalikes! I just want to fist pump and hug everyone!!!!
Me: *snicker*

Best Party Ever. Thank you Pretty Indy