Hair Don’t


If you are following me on Facebook (and if you haven’t why aren’t you!? I am a nutcase!), you’ll know that yesterday my hair and I were having a battle of wills. The day prior to this issue, I had co-washed and detangled my hair. They I haphazardly two strand twisted my hair, and wore my hat to class (where I had a rage filled encounter with a boy I am calling ‘Spazzy Steve’. That is a story for another day though) so I wouldn’t have to deal with my hair the next day. I wasn’t planning anything, but it was nice to get the chore out of the way.

When I pulled into the school parking lot, I received a phone call about a job interview. I agreed to meet them the next day in the later morning. I was smugly patting myself on the back yet again for getting my hair under wraps.

Yesterday morning, I woke up sort of early, and got ready for my interview. I untwisted my hair…and was instantly terrified.

The terror felt like this.. and hey! I have a gap too!

I have a story to describe what my hair looked and felt like. From 2nd grade to 4th grade, I had a Jheri Curl. Look over to the right side tool bar. You see that picture that leads to my Amazon store? Yeah, that is my requisite Olan Mills photo from the 4th grade.

Anyway, It was time for a touch-up and my mom kept me out of school for part of the day to go get my hair done. I was looking crazy. The curls were gone and my hair was just all over the place. The lady that was to do my hair (in the salon) had apparently got drunk the night before, and forgot about the little girl she had waiting. So my mom took me home, put some activator on my head, and tried to make the best of a bad situation.

When I got to school, I was putting my coat in my cubby area when my oldest friend (she’s still around to this day) came out to get a drink, did a double take at me, pointed a finger, fell down laughing, and gasped out “You look like you stuck your finger in a light socket!” Thanks Jen… I won’t mention how as a freshmen, when your mom did other people’s hair, you would steal the left over weave and try to put it in your hair (oops!).

That is pretty much what I was dealing with yesterday. I had an hour before my interview (the place was like 15 minutes away, if that) and MY HAIR WOULD NOT LET ME BE GREAT!

I eventually put it in a puff, and it was okay for the most part, but it still looked a little odd.

When I got home from the interview, I took my hair out of the puff, took the dogs out, and settled into my hovel office to start on homework. But my hair was bothering me. I touched it, and I was shedding a lot and it was dry.

Back in 2010, on my regular Facebook, I apparently had a status up that said my hair looked like Fredrick Douglass’. I woke up this morning to a repeat of that.

Somebody please tell me why Frederick Douglass looks like an old Billy Dee Williams to me!?

Another user on the Facebook page was saying that she was having issues with dryness and shedding as well. It is just really weird because I have been using the same products with no issues at all, and this just happened.

Has this ever happened to you? What did you end up doing?

As for me, I am off to research some sort of deep conditioner, but my hair still feels dry as all get out. I want something I can slap on my hair, but the conditioning cap on and just let it sit for a couple of hours while I wrestle with systems analysis and design as well as Trig.