Mixed Chicks: Review

Author Note: Mixed Chicks was kind enough to provide me with product.

This is directly from their site:
For years, multi-cultural people with hard to manage hair traveled from store to store, trying to blend products in a hopeless attempt to tame their locks. Wendi LEVY (left) and Kim ETHEREDGE (right), two "mixed chicks", created a product line because they needed it. Then, something happened...friends and family started encouraging them to package it, and soon they had a full blown business running out of the garage. After a little door to door hustling, a few celebrity endorsements, and a ton of online customer support, MIXED CHICKS is bringing their products to the world.

I think they have an excellent product on their hand. I am going to break it down with each one I tried.

Their leave in conditioner is really nice. A lot of leave in conditioners are water based. They are for you to spray on, and then add some additional product. Not this. This is enough that I do not need any other product. A little goes a long way as well. I like that a lot. It is thick and it doesn't have much of a smell, so it doesn't compete with my perfume. 
Initially the deep conditioner and the leave-in product threw me off. I assumed that the leave-in would be in the jar, and the deep conditioner in the bottle. Luckily I read labels before I started applying product! 
I don't really know what qualifies as a "conditioner" and a "deep conditioner". I don't really know if there is a difference or if they are the same. I treat Mixed Chicks deep conditioner  as I would any other conditioner. I do occasionally use it as a deep conditioner. I like it, but it feels like it is on the same level as my Herbal Essence Hydration conditioner. There is nothing wrong with that at all, seeing as I like both, but I can't fathom paying 11 dollars in the long run for something that does the same thing as something that is 5 bucks. 
The hair silk however? Oh.. I love this stuff. LOVE IT!!!  It doesn't take much. I squirt two times in my palm, rub my hands together and distribute it from root to tip on my hair. My curls POP. This stuff provides so much definition to my curls. I love it. I sat there and watched my curls literally define themselves. This stuff is liquid gold to me and most definetly worth the 11 dollar price tag.
Overall: I would say that for the amount of money being paid, you could get products that work equally or possibly even better than these. Except for the Hair Silk. I have never found anything quite like it. Give their stuff a try and you won't be sorry!