My Top Ten- Stu

Hello all. This is Stu presenting the 10 best Horror Movies of all time. This is not my top 10 list, this is the actual top 10. AFI may say different but who wants to watch only movies from 1900-1950.

So I have been watching horror movies for at least three years and I have seen exactly 673 of them(approximately). SPOILER ALERT!!!!! If you haven’t seen these movies, I may ruin them for you. So here they is……

1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
I remember the first time I saw this was at a friend’s birthday sleepover. His dad thought it would be fun to yelp randomly throughout the movie. That plus the old man with a fake face hitting someone with a hammer makes this movie. The first movie that really scared me.

2. Saw
It spawned a lot of sequels. The storyline has gone from none to lots, which get worse. The first one is pretty crazy. Puzzles of death are fun.

3. Paranormal Activity
Where did this movie come from? Blair Witch started this kind of awesome, internet based “true” story. (I have not seen the star of this movie in a Steak n’ Shake commercial, though….look it up) The night cameras provided some fun stuff, they kind of killed it with the attempt of a connection to some old dead girl.

4. Event Horizon
This movie used to creep me out in high school. The whole end of the solar system-different dimension-afterlife-good/evil-etc. is a little lame, but to watch someone’s face getting melted while shouting at you in Latin is pretty scary.

5. Silence of Lambs
Hannibal Lector is thought of as one the greatest villains ever, but Jodie Foster in Nell is creepier. Great movie not necessarily a horror movie, but a good thriller. Lots of great lines in this movie, as well. Don’t watch if you are tired, it moves slowly.

6. The Sixth Sense
M. Night jumped on the scene with this movie. The colors, the twist ending is now a standard in his movies. This movie made it hard for people to follow his career. I liked Unbreakable and Signs. The Village was horror-ible (yes, I went there). I saw a rough cut of The Village in a Dollar Theatre and you could actually see boom mics in it. Lady in the Water was not a great movie, but it had some great acting by Paul Giamanti. The Happening started awesome. Go watch the first 10 mins of the movie and turn it off. Make up your own ending and I guarantee you it is better than what was actually on the screen. Plus Marky Mark was horror-ible(again). His whiney questions plus Zooey D. staring at the camera with her big eyes did not help. The Devil was ok. They crammed a lot into 1:23. But anyway, The Sixth Sense is #6 for novelty. Which lead me to the # 7 movie…..

7. Seven
You wish you were this witty. What’s in the booooox??!?

8. Halloween
Please half naked babysitter, run upstairs.

9. The Shining
This movie is soooo long. Creepy kids(this is going to be a theme).

10. It
I scared one of my best friend’s little sister so bad with a creepy clown mask that she still brings it up today. That was ten years ago. Clowns are pretty freaky.