Night Watcher- Stu


Will Gordh

Starring: One of the writers, A girl that was in one episode of Dexter, and no one else you have heard of.

A young girl is sad over her mother’s suicide. She goes to group where she connects with the other early 20’s group member, who happens to be a boy. They quickly jump into a relationship and bond over the loss of their loved ones. They then mysteriously receive packages from an unknown sender. They get video tapes of there now dead loved ones. It is the in window, stalker type that we have come to love in C list horror movies. The movies become more frequent, as do the bad lines and worse acting. The tapes end as they both get taken hostage by the murderer, yes murderer, of their parents. Finding out who the killer is not hard, because there are about 6 characters in the movie. I am saving you the trouble of going to Redbox and getting this and will just let you know, the killer is the girls teacher. Devastated over the loss of his daughter to tonsillitis, yup, he decides to take the lives who ruined his. The two 20somethings parents were both doctors.

In the spirit of the season I give this movie ½ of a bloody hand print.