Omega Man

Have you ever heard of this movie? It is basically the original ‘I am Legend’. You see, the movie was originally a book. The more current movie, while based off the book, is only based off the bones of the book. Omega Man is closer to the book.

I am not here to talk about remakes and the like. We are sitting here watching this movie, and it is set in the mid to late 70’s, which means all the black people have afros. They are shaped much differently than we have them now. I don’t even know how to explain them. They are more of a triangular shape, while the afros of today are rounded. Let me see if I can find a picture.

This is actually from the movie. You can’t really tell it here, but it looks like her hair isn’t even curly. Maybe it is because has has a blowout.

Times change, but styles are usually just recycled. There are often little changes, but for the most part things, are recycled. The shape of her afro is interesting to me.  Ours today are more rounded. Even the guys in the movie are almost triangular.

What about the Afros you have seen? Do you think they look different now than they did in the past?

PS: She turns into a crazy bitch at the end. Sad.