Protective Styles R Us


I have had it up to here with my hair.

Angry panda is ANGRY!!!!!

It doesn’t want to act right. It has been feeing bad and acting worse. I. HAVE. HAD. IT!!!!!

Don’t worry though, and don’t freak out. I am not getting a relaxer. Even though it is acting bat shit cray cray, I can deal with it and figure it out better than I did when I had a relaxer. With a relaxer, I would just walk around looking like ‘whodunnit and why’

No, no relaxer for me. Instead, I am scheduling an appointment soon to get my hair braided.

I was leary about getting my hair braided. I didn’t want to go to the African hairshop, and have them try to give me a permanent facelift with their tight braiding. I have also heard that they say nasty things to girls with natural hair.

I consulted with Cherilyn, my beautician (I don’t go to her often, but I consider her my beautician, because if I do go, she is the one I would go to) and she has a co-worker that braids and has natural hair.  I figure she is the best (and safest) bet for me and my hair.

I still have yet to make an appointment, because between work and school I value what little free time I have. But you best believe it is going to be soon. SOON I SAY!!!! *SHAKES FIST OF ANGER*