Some things to do.

So.. School has started back like I said. IT IS KICKING ME IN THE HIND QUARTERS.
I am tired all the time, I have no focus, and I just ran out of clean underwear.

So, while I am working on some things, I have a website for your to check out!

YAY websites!

While i am studying, I am usually on the twitter. Occasionally you can find my witty comments on the #naturalhair  hashtag on twitter. While I was there, this woman was advertising her amazing website.

Are you a product junkie that has partially used bottles of product lying around knowing you arent going to use it?
You can use this site to trade or sell it.
I thought this was pretty cool.
Check it out!

She is also a pretty funny blogger. Read about her and her husband "folding the laundry" here