Where have you been!?

Hey guys!


So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been gone for about a week. No entries, nothing. I’ve been posting periodically on Facebook and on Twitter but that is about it. Explanation? Well, my summer semester ended. It was the one before we go back to school for fall semester. I have about two weeks (only one at the time of writing this) before I jump back into school. Not to mention I have been kicking up the internship/job looking into high gear.

I decided to take a little break and use what little time I have to chill, and just.. be. Ever since the spring semester life has been so frantic for me. There are always deadlines and assignments due. Not to mention the housework and job hunting.

I am back though, and I am here. I have a review planned for this week as well. Here is to a new semester and a new lease on life!




Question of the day: What have you been up to? Are you super busy and overwhelmed?

Hair on a trip.



Most people when they travel take one of two modes of transportation; car or plane. While gas prices are steadily going down (at least in my part of the world), they are still pretty high, making an extended car trip possibly as expensive as a plane ticket.

Our solution? The train. You win some and you lose some with the train. The last time we were on, I had a massive headache due to the fact that there were really stinky hippies. Our train last time also was like 5 hours late due to the fact that there was a mudslide in the Pacific Northwest. AKA: Nowhere near where we were, and nowhere near where we were going. Every little thing just went wrong that trip.

We are currently on a train. It is actually going rather well this time, and this leaves me optimistic. We’ve had no issues, except for a rather annoying squeaky voiced child that “loves everyone!”

The last time I was on a train, it was winter time, and my hair was in two strand twists stuffed under a scarf, stuffed under a knitted cap. The knitted cap is no longer an option in the mid west summer (the idea of it in this heat makes me gag a bit). Also, in the interest of not looking like the crazy ass ghetto black lady, I do not have a scarf on my hair. The result? I still look like the crazy ass ghetto black lady.. My hair is just out and looking a wee bit wild. I wanted to learn how to French braid my hair before this excursion, and that just didn’t happen.  On long trips how do you protect your hair without looking crazy as hell? There are enough crazies on this trip (Mullet anyone?) I don’t need to add to the atmosphere.

Awards For Me!!!

So I was awarded two blogging awards by the lovely and talented Janelle of FreeYourHeart. I was awarded the   Stylish Blogger Award and Kreativ Blogger Award!

Here are the rules:
the stylish blogger rules:
+ thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award
+ share 7 things about yourself
+ award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
+ contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

 the kreativ blogger rules:
+ Say 10 facts about yourself.
+ Tag 10 bloggers
+ Tell them about the award

I will give you some facts about myself
  • I just turned 29
  • I've always been a little odd, a little out there. I've never really fit in anywhere.
  • I am okay with the fact listed above
  • I love animals. I am not allowed to visit animal shelters or pet stores by myself, otherwise I am coming home with something.
  • My favorite movie is the other sister
  • I do occasionally have hair envy, I try to tamp it down though. 
  • I should be finished with school by May of next year. 
  • I love electronic devices, gadgets, doo-dads, etc
  • I have been married 2 years. 
  • I can't stand cold weather, at ALL. 
Now lets award some bloggers, shall we?