Where have you been!?

So, you may have noticed Kim has been doing the bulk of our writing lately. I’ve been kind of busy…




My husband and I were working very hard…



To prepare for the newest addition to our family!

Meet the newest geek to our family, Baby E!



Oh, that turkey did a number on me.

Greetings and Salutations!

I hope your Thanksgiving was full of happiness and drama free.

While I did not exercise after my meal. I did not stuff myself.

I think the turkey did something to me, because last night I had the craziest of dreams. Most of it isn't relevant, but I had a dream my old beautician Margie was chasing me down the street with a cup full of relaxer. She told me "I wanted it." and "Think of how long my hair would be." I ended up doing it in my dream, but I was impressed with the results. I was also sad, thinking of how I was going to have to cut all my hair off and start over. What does it all mean!?

The Thanksgiving holiday is my husband's holiday, which means that we spend it at his parent's house. It went smoothly this year. The next holiday that I spend with my family is Christmas Day. Where I will get one or more of the following comments:

  • What are you going to do with your hair?
  • You just going to leave your hair like that?
  • What about dread-locs? You should get them!
  • Get a perm!

Meh. Just.. Meh. 

I know, Few days no posts

Sorry Guys. I have not been ignoring the blog. On the contrary; If you look around the site you will see some touches I have added. I have also been leaving messages on the facebook page ( as well as twitter (mrsckugs) I just went away for the holiday to see my fahhjahhh. in New York. He lives in a sleepy little town by the name of Canandaigua, NY. Lovely little place. A good times was had by all. I will be back tomorrow with a review of more Moroccanoil products and just to chit chat about my family and the talk that a few of us had about natural hair.