math sucks

Naturally Me? Sometimes I don’t want to be…

I tend to avoid things that aren’t naturally me. I do this for a couple of reasons. The first one being that things that aren’t natural to you, take work. For example; math does not come natural to me. It is something I continuously struggle with on a daily. I have like 3 math courses in my curriculum. It’s rough. I am to the point now that I am proficient in algebra. Then they threw geometry at me. I knew in high school that geometry wasn’t for me. Proofs are a joke. Why am I proving that a circle is round? You have eyes! You see that circle is round!
Like I said, these things take time and effort to work with. Time that I don’t really have and effort that I don’t want to give. I have a full time job, I go to school part time. I am sleepy. It just seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. I don’t have time to do things that are completely out of the ordinary.
I kind of want a weave.
Now, this is not a good thing for me. I was weaved up for my wedding. It was beautiful. However, after a week, it was a big matted ball in the back of my head. I can’t take care of it. I don’t know how to.
Weave makes me nervous. I have never been good with keeping them. They irritate my husband as well. He loves my “fluffy hairs” and whenever I get something that disguises them, or mixes in with them, he throws a tiny fit.
I guess my question(s) to you are:
Do you wear weaves? How do you wash them? How do yours not end up in a big matted ball in the back of your head at the end of the week? How often do you go back to your stylist and get a touch up?
I can’t say that even if I am satisfied with the answers to my questions, I will go out and get one. They are expensive, hard for me to maintain, and just.. ugh. But I miss straight hair sometimes, and I like the idea of playing with it.  

Feeling accomplished this morning.

Hey guys.

I hope your weekend was stellar. Mine started out with the intent to pamper myself, but I just didn't get the time. If you follow me on twitter (@mrsckugs) I had pre-pooed my natural hair with coconut oil, and I was going to deep condition, detangle and attempt to style my hair. None of that came to pass really. I was just too busy. I had school work, my dad is coming for a visit, so I had to get the craft room presentable so that he had some where to stay.

In hair news, something kind of exciting is happening in Indianapolis! They are having a natural hair workshop! Here is the link for the information:
One thing I am not keen on is the price. I will probably go, but 35 dollars seems a bit steep. That is probably just me though. Any of you that have attended these workshops before, please let me know if it is all in my mind. A twitter friend of mine and I were talking about attending together. And we once again grumbled together about the price.

Something that both my husband and I noticed the other day. When I got out the shower, with my dripping wet hair, he gaffawed and told me I am the proud owner of a mullet. Not cool dude.

You can't really see it well, but you get the point.
The longer my hair gets, the more mullited (yeah i made that up) it looks. But it only looks like that after I have gotten out of the shower. Once it has been styled, you can't really tell, but it bothers me just a tiny bit.
In other news, I finally have Gel! I met a friend at Justice to get my crack Girl Scout Cookies and right next door is a Sally's beauty supply. They were having a sale on Eco Styler Gel. So I got the one with Olive oil in it. Now I need to find a cute hair style that I want to do.. and possibly some time in which to do that hair style. 
This was the fun part of my day. Now I must go and work on Math, as I have a test tonight, and it is making me want to bang my head against a wall. A WALL PEOPLE!!! I hope you are having a great day and a great hair day! 

The first day back.

Today is my first day back to school from winter vacation. I miss winter vacation already. Is that sad?

I want to thank everyone that commented on my last entry . It has been rough going over here. I know that i desparately need to protective style my hair. After I get done with this entry, I am going to go ahead and bust out the two strand twists. I am so sick of my hair feeling this way. This weekend I plan on doing a henna gloss that Tasha from Belle Butters  uses. You can see her youtube video of it here. I actually have some time today before class (I have one class in the evening from 6-8:50; the rest of my classes are online), so I may actually lovingly part my hair and be precise with the twists. Have any of you ever added hair to your two strand twists? I thought about doing that. I thought that might be cute.  If you have any tips, ideas, or thoughts on it, let me know.

In other hair news, I have been using a tangle teezer. I have seen a lot of the vlogs on youtube talking about it, and decided to get my hands on one. I will be doing a review about it this week.

I hope everyone is staying warm and keeping some love on your hair!

Joblessness, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

Random Conversation at night with me and my husband

Me (About to doze off): I whip my hair back and forth.
J: Your hair doesn't whip
Me: Want me to go back to relaxers?
J: Your hair whips!
Me; 🙂 *snore*In other news a couple of nights ago I had a really bizarre dream. I had long silken hair. It was down to my waist.  When I woke up it got me to thinking. Is that my subconscious telling me that I want a relaxer?My subconscious can go to hell if that is the case.In the words of All the way May from a league of their own.. I AIN'T GOING BACK!!

So some fat slob can sweat gin on me? YOU TELL MR CHOCOLATE MAN THAT I AIN'T GOING BACK!!

For myself, this has been an excruciatingly long week. I've had a total of three job interviews, two of which were back to back. I did have some time to kill in between so I went to the library in Plainfield. According to Google, this was the closet library to where I was at during the time.
I really was trying to work on trig homework. But this woman on the computer got a phone call and kept screaming in her phone about Facebook and hair weaves. I knew it was time to go.
Meh. I need a job!
I am going to go now, as I do not have much else to say. Love you all!

So I thought my people would be able to help out!

Hey Guys!

As I am sitting here, banging my head into a brick wall, trying to do my trig homework, I realized, I need a new desk.

I have had this one for several years. It was the first piece of real furniture I'd ever purchased as an "adult." It has been taken apart and put back together several times. It is the wobbliest thing in the world.

Now, normally Picking out a new desk wouldn't be a problem.. except for one tiny thing.. I do crafts as well as homework on the desk.

I need something roomy and sturdy. Roomy enough for scrapbooking supplies and sturdy enough for, well, me
 :-). Do you have any suggestions? Any Brands that you like? Let me know!