natural hair meetup

It feels like summer! Whip your hair back and forth!

I love summer. Indiana has decided to skip spring (except with all the rain), and go directly into the heat of summer. I hate winter, I hate cold weather, and I hate my allergies. I had one very minor allergy attack this year, and have been pretty much okay since. Last year, everything was COATED in pollen, and I couldn't really go outside until it rained. Even then, I had to have allergy pills ingested. 

With the summer comes summer hair. Most of the winter, my hair stays underneath a silk scarf, and underneath a hat in two strand twists. It's too cold for me to just let my hair out. Now with summer here, I can two strand twist at night, undo it in the morning, put my hair in a puff, or just let it be in it's afro. I do have to continously moisturize my hair, however, with using the Belle Butters shea butter, I can usually get away with moisturizing every two days. With my hair in twists like that, I can also co-wash about once a week. Unless of course I have been swimming, or sweating hard. Then you know, it's more often with the washing. 
It's a marvelous time! So, my question to you is, how is your summer routine different from your winter routine?
In other news, I was over on the Curly Nikki forums. Seems like they are trying to put together a natural hair meetup here in Indiana! How exciting is that!? Would you guys come? I would love to meet you (Janelle, I am looking at you girl!)! They want it to be big like the ones in Atlanta, and honestly, Indianapolis has the potential for that. I kind of wish I would have found out about it earlier, as I could have taken an active role in getting local vendors to display jewelry and stuff at it. I am really good about researching and sales (though, I don't want to be in sales; too much pressure.) and I think I could have gotten some great things accomplished. Oh well, I will just be okay with going and having a great time!
I'm out! I have a mess of clothes to fold and some twists to retwist. I am not going anywhere today but my back yard, so the hair will remain in twists. 
Have a great day, and if you haven't taken my survey, please do!

Feeling accomplished this morning.

Hey guys.

I hope your weekend was stellar. Mine started out with the intent to pamper myself, but I just didn't get the time. If you follow me on twitter (@mrsckugs) I had pre-pooed my natural hair with coconut oil, and I was going to deep condition, detangle and attempt to style my hair. None of that came to pass really. I was just too busy. I had school work, my dad is coming for a visit, so I had to get the craft room presentable so that he had some where to stay.

In hair news, something kind of exciting is happening in Indianapolis! They are having a natural hair workshop! Here is the link for the information:
One thing I am not keen on is the price. I will probably go, but 35 dollars seems a bit steep. That is probably just me though. Any of you that have attended these workshops before, please let me know if it is all in my mind. A twitter friend of mine and I were talking about attending together. And we once again grumbled together about the price.

Something that both my husband and I noticed the other day. When I got out the shower, with my dripping wet hair, he gaffawed and told me I am the proud owner of a mullet. Not cool dude.

You can't really see it well, but you get the point.
The longer my hair gets, the more mullited (yeah i made that up) it looks. But it only looks like that after I have gotten out of the shower. Once it has been styled, you can't really tell, but it bothers me just a tiny bit.
In other news, I finally have Gel! I met a friend at Justice to get my crack Girl Scout Cookies and right next door is a Sally's beauty supply. They were having a sale on Eco Styler Gel. So I got the one with Olive oil in it. Now I need to find a cute hair style that I want to do.. and possibly some time in which to do that hair style. 
This was the fun part of my day. Now I must go and work on Math, as I have a test tonight, and it is making me want to bang my head against a wall. A WALL PEOPLE!!! I hope you are having a great day and a great hair day! 

Kind of an Idea I have going on

I would love love LOVE to have a natural hair meetup here in Indianapolis. I think we are at a decent place, and there is plenty to do around here.

Problem is? I don't know the first thing about doing a natural hair meetup. I would do it early summer (when I don't have classes, and it would give me a year to plan things!) If you have any ideas, advice, or would like to help, shoot me an email, a message, anything! How do I get sponsors? Things like that.

Also you can find me on twitter with your ideas @mrsckugs.