Noah Puckerman

Accepting yourself completely


We made it to Friday! Yay!

If you are on Facebook, you would have seen that I posted a couple of photos of my hair.



This being one of them. It is my webcam on my computer, that is why it is kind of craptacular. Anyway, I was headed to the Glee concert last night and trying to do something with my hair.  Normally (as in EVERY DAY) I put in a headband and a flower. Sometimes I make a poof, but still have the flower as well. In this photo I have on the flower, but no headband.

As I was figuring out my hair last night, I realized that I always feel kind of stupid without my headband and flower. I feel like everyone is looking at me. This caused me to wonder: am I being ashamed of my hair?

I didn’t want that.

I slowly took the flower out my hair, and fluffed up my twists. I looked really good. One thing I might do in the future is add gel to my twists when they are twisted up. Some of the instantly spread out. and it looked uber cute with them twisted up like that.


See? Totally cute. Except I have that Johnson forehead, that should be a fivehead. *snort*

Oh, and Glee was so much fun! I am really really loud and screamed my head off.. as a result, I got a barf bag from a cheerio. LOL. At one point it got really quiet in the place and I screamed out “I LOVE YOU PUCK!” He could so hear it.

To the two girls that I met in like while I was getting popcorn and you were getting Beer. YOU ARE AMAZING! I hope you live in Indianapolis and we can meet up sometime and drink and drool over Puck! LOL.