Thar She Grows!

Good day my lovelies! I hope all is going well with you in natural world. Things are….well, they are okay over here. I would be lying if every now and again I didn't pull on my hair to see its length and think "If my hair was relaxed, it would be this long.

But then I realize, this is about more than long hair. It is about healthy hair, hair that I can manage and take care of, without having to spend several hours a week in a salon. Yes, I loved the silky feeling of my hair when it was relaxed, but that silky feeling only lasted a week at best. The rest of the time I was walking around like Pippi Longstockings!

For you that do not know me, I have a type 4a Curl. That means my hair is very kinky with a visible curl pattern. I need to take some pictures of my hair, I don't have any really recent ones. Maybe that will be my next entry.


For those interested about the classification of curls, you can check out: . It breaks down each type of curl pattern, and also offers you some products specifically for your curl type.

Right now, I am doing very basic things with my hair. I wash it using a suave shampoo and conditioner. I moisturize using olive oil. I pick it out into a sassy fro' and then I dash!

I'm loving the ease..I just wish my hair was a wee bit longer.