Top Ten John Hughes Movies

I was in a John Hughes mood tonight, and I wanted to highlight my top ten favorite movies. It was a very sad day when this man passed. I will be forever grateful for what this man has added to my life growing up, and I hope that someday I can achieve something that is close enough to its equal with my own writing.  Whether he wrote it or directed it, he practically ruled the 80’s comedy with one tiny finger. He is one of my favorites and his contributions to film will be forever missed.

  1. The Breakfast Club – Hands down, my absolute favorite movie of all time. I don’t care that the movie was clearly filmed in the 80’s. This movie is untouchable and generations of high school students to come will always be able to find themselves in one of these characters. The richness of the writing and the reality put into this film make it a yearly watch in my books.
  2. Sixteen Candles – This is one of the funniest teen romance comedies that I have ever seen. Though I don’t really know what Sam saw in Jake Ryan beyond his dreamy looks, it doesn’t matter. I am along for the whole ride, cheering for her when he shows up at the wedding. I am a hopeless romantic at heart, and I will just eat this mess up.
  3. Weird Science – This is the movie that gives all geeks and nerds hope that when life fails them, they can just build something and make it better. I just don’t think anyone else has successfully created a woman who can change reality at a whim. The bar scene is in today’s world is terribly not PC, but it is probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen Anthony Michael Hall do.
  4. National Lampoon’s Vacation – It one of the best comedy’s ever made, spawning sequels that aren’t as equal, but still entertaining, the exception being the Christmas sequel. While the Griswolds suffered through several plights and hijinks on their way to Walley World, I think every one of us wanted to be a part of their family even for a little bit.
  5. Ferris Beuller’s Day Off – Every kid in high school dreamed of skipping school after seeing this film. Unfortunately, we all quickly realized that we lacked Ferris’s impeccable preplanning skills and general mass appeal to ever pull off the day he managed. We will just have to settle for living through Ferris and his sheer epicness.
  6. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Yep, it is so good that it deserves its own spot. I have a lot of movies I would like to watch during the holiday season, but there are only a handful that are absolute necessities. This is one of those few. It just isn’t Christmas without it. It actually makes you feel a little bit sorry for Clark. He may come off as being goofy or idiotic, but the man is truly a hard worker and good father. He is the man that allows us to deal with every annoyance of the holiday with humor and at the same time reminding us of the spirit of the holiday. Wow, who knew there was something deep in that movie? Surprised me too.
  7. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – This is my traditional Thanksgiving watch. The hilarity in this comedy of these two unlikely companions is comedy genius. We have all had some kind of experience that poor Neal has in this movie. When he loses it with the car rental associate, everybody feels some kind of internal relief. We have all wanted to go off on somebody like that. Even though it is full of shenanigans, it again has this heartwarming story about not judging a book by its cover. People can surprise you, and sometimes you can find a best friend.
  8. Home Alone – This may not make everybody’s top 10 list, but I was a kid when this came out. Trust me, you are all lucky that Beethoven didn’t make this list, because that movie spoke to me as a child. Putting Macaulay Culkin’s current, sketchy lifestyle aside, this movie is still powerful enough to overshadow it. What kid didn’t want to have run of the house especially when you have so many people dictating what you can and cannot do. This was every kid’s dream. Not only did Kevin make us feel like we could take on any criminal with resourcefulness and mad Erector Set building skills, but he reminded us that even though it can be fun, we still need our family.
  9. Pretty in Pink – While this was a total chick flick, this is one of the few romance dramas that still conflicts me to this day when Andie makes her choice. Sometimes I’m Team Duckie, and other times I’m Team Blane. Every once in a while I dismiss either one of them and stare dreamly at bad boy Steff. This was a good look for James Spader. The point is that every girl wants both a Duckie and a Blane. Sure Duckie may not have had the money or the looks that Blane did, but the man was devoted. Regardless whether Duckie ended up with Andie or not, I don’t think she appreciated his loyalty and friendship the way she should have. But that’s love huh. Sometimes it isn’t meant to be.
  10. Mr. Mom – Michael Keaton stole my heart here long before he put on the Batman suit. This is a great movie about the family dynamic, not to mention a great tutorial about how some things cannot be winged when it comes to children. We learned not to give babies chili, not to overdo it with detergent in the washing machine, and that housework and childcare is just as hard and exhausting any other 8 to 5. Oddly enough, this movie has had a lot more meaning in today’s world then it did in the 80’s. With the recession and improving gender role equality, this is happening more and more in today’s world.