Be Funny Friday- The Presidential Edition

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My hubs and I were in bed last night just chit chatting, when I announced grandly that I am going to be president one day. This is the conversation that took place shortly after:

Jeff: You know nothing about politics
Me: So? I know what I want, and what I like
Jeff: Okay, so who is going to be your VP?
Me: The Kims*
Jeff: You are going to have two vice presidents?
Me: Well, They are kind of a set. You can't break them up.. so they both have to do it.
Jeff: Correct me if I am wrong, but, one of the Kims is in Vegas.. so the set is kind of broken up.. ONE VICE PRESIDENT!!
Me: FINE! *thinks* I would make Blonde VP and Red Press Secretary
Jeff: Interesting... Why?
Me: Blonde Kim mumbles sometimes. You can't understand her.. I don't think the reporters would appreciate having to ask her what the hell she just said.
Jeff: *dies*

I won't bore you with the rest of our conversation. But consider it as epic as that! 

* The Kims are two separate people. They are both named Kim and look nothing alike.. but they will forever be known as the Kims