No Poo

Feeling much better a lot quicker than last time.

So on this blog we have talked about pre-pooing before. We talked about it's benefits, if I do it, if you do it, that sort of thing. Today (yesterday) there was an article on MSNBC talking about no-pooing or low pooing.

Americans are a little crazy with the shampooing. I know some women are mortified if they do not wash their hair every day. They claim that it gets greasy and unmanageable. The article talks about the hair health benefits to  not shampooing your hair every day. Some people do it just to ease up a bit on their carbon footprint, which is very admirable.

I consider myself a "low-pooer" I do not shampoo my hair every day. It doesn't need it. If I shampoo'd every day, I would strip my hair of natural oils that I am constantly trying to put in my hair. I do however condition every day. If I do not condition my hair, it seems as if it curls up onto itself a lot easier.

What is your shampooing regimen? Have you ever thought of modifying it?