Leslie and the Curious Case of Gen Con

As you all  may remember, Gen Con last year was my first Con ever. I had a blast. I went under the banner of Geeky Girls’ Night In, and reported on it a couple of times on the podcast. See below:

I looked forward to going again on a press pass this year, and was getting ready to line up articles as well as segments on the podcast. I was slowly planning what I wanted to see and who I wanted to speak with.

I got denied a Gen Con press pass this year.

When I reached out to the PR people, they said it was because I was given a press pass last year, and did nothing with it. No reports or anything. I refuted this and even sent the evidence; and email to the same person I was corresponding with, that I sent her the prior year of all of the content I created based on Gen Con.

I never heard from her again.

Normally I would roll with this and keep it moving, but I am slightly irritated. However, as I write this, some clarity has come my way:

These people do not owe me shit.

I got a press pass last year, I created content based on that press pass. End of transaction. That does not guarantee me a press pass this year.

I am taking a deep breath and letting this go. And I believe I am going to go ahead and purchase a pass for Saturday. The Friday before, I will be heading to Butler University to see Hello from the Magic Tavern again. I am super excited about that as well. 

A special non hair post.

A year has passed. One year since our lives have changed completely. One year ago on Sunday our dog, Camilla went missing. Nothing has been the same since.
We miss her so much. She was a timid, but happy dog, always eager to play. She was unsure of children, always preferring to spend time with my husband or me.  Her pal Lily misses her desperately as well. I don’t think Lily will ever get used to sleeping alone.
One year. 4 seasons. Life goes on for so many people, but not for me. I can’t stop thinking about her.
I love you Camilla. I always will.
If you have any information on Camilla, please contact me at 317-759-4523. You can call or text.
I would also like to thank Indianapolis Lost Pet Alert for their tireless help, not just for us, but thousands of other Indianapolis dogs. 

Indianapolis Bloggers



So most of you know, I am from Indianapolis. I am orginally from a small town called Kokomo, but you need to RUN (not walk) away from that town. It is a pit, a cesspool, and I hate it.

*Ahem* Being in Indianapolis and being a blogger has one slight perk. I get to be a member of Indianapolis bloggers! They are a group all about promoting Indianapolis blogs. YAY!

Here is a link to check them out:

Too cute for school!

The YMCA Indianapolis was holding a contest on Facebook. Winner received tickets to the Indianapolis home show. I won. I get excited about simple things like that, so I made my husband take a pic of me. It turned out pretty good and my hair was adorable!

My boobs look super pointy. Instead of my normal Lane Bryan Cacique bra, I was trying out a Just My Size Bra. It's comfy, but pointy boobs are a no no. 
We had fun, saw a lot of things we couldn't afford. I would like to say something I have noticed. When I was in Wisconsin, we had a couple hours of layover in Chicago. Every other person I would see had natural hair. It was amazing! I loved it!
Here in Indianapolis, not so much. That makes me sad. 
Love your hair, love yourself!
In other news, I have outgrown my favorite spring/summertime dress. I love this dress. I got it on ebay. I looked at the tag and contacted who I think are the creators of this dress, in the hopes that I can get like 5 of them. I will keep them in the back of my closet, and have to deem which events I consider dress-worthy. Kind of like Elaine on Seinfield when her sponges weren't going to be made anymore. 
Love this dress. LOVE IT!!

Kind of an Idea I have going on

I would love love LOVE to have a natural hair meetup here in Indianapolis. I think we are at a decent place, and there is plenty to do around here.

Problem is? I don't know the first thing about doing a natural hair meetup. I would do it early summer (when I don't have classes, and it would give me a year to plan things!) If you have any ideas, advice, or would like to help, shoot me an email, a message, anything! How do I get sponsors? Things like that.

Also you can find me on twitter with your ideas @mrsckugs.