A semi-fight on the Twitter

Note: I didn’t intend on having an entry today. I was going to wait until Wednesday. There is going to be one on Wednesday as well Smile

This entry could also be entitled “I’m too old for this shit.”

I don’t use the actual Twitter application. I use a program called Hoot Suite. It allows me to have different streams that I don’t have to switch back and forth to view. The top ones that I show are my general stream, the hash tags for natural hair and the hash tags for Indianapolis.

I was reading yesterday when this little gem came through:

SHOUTOUT to all the Hoes claiming #TeamNatural because they can't AFFORD the REMY, ACRYLIC, LASHES, AND A HAIR STYLIST.

At first I just blinked. I was confused. I responded to the girl (not woman, GIRL) asking her why would anyone want all of that crap on? That is a ton of artifice. Even if you weren’t natural, that is a lot of stuff. If you met someone with that stuff on, and then took it off they wouldn’t recognize you.

Her response:

I'm guessing your a broke bitch

Um, no, I was just trying to figure out what the heck is going on in your head. I didn’t say much after that, just told her, no, I was not broke, nor a bitch,and I was trying to get into her head and understand the need for all of that.

Her response:

lmao why would u think I would consider explaining anything to u

Then she proceeded to poked fun at my AVI. She went on to say that maybe I should wear all of that.

Honestly? The child is 22 years old. Her twitter background is of her boobs and face with blond hair cascading down (she’s black) her back. It makes no difference what she thinks and what she does. But the fact of the matter that I got caught up in this nonsense, what does that say about me? And did I really get caught up in it? I wanted an honest and logical answer to where her thought processes were on this. Guess I am the stupid one for thinking that this bitch (and yes, she is a bitch) had home training or common sense (when she said she had to get back to work, I may have said she probably worked in the world’s oldest profession. She never said anything back, so she might not understand what I was inferring.)

From now on when I ask a question to someone on Twitter, I am going to look at their profile. If they have boobs all over the place, I’m just going to disregard. I’m too old for all this nonsense.


I made it myself Smile

Where have you been!?

Hey guys!


So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been gone for about a week. No entries, nothing. I’ve been posting periodically on Facebook and on Twitter but that is about it. Explanation? Well, my summer semester ended. It was the one before we go back to school for fall semester. I have about two weeks (only one at the time of writing this) before I jump back into school. Not to mention I have been kicking up the internship/job looking into high gear.

I decided to take a little break and use what little time I have to chill, and just.. be. Ever since the spring semester life has been so frantic for me. There are always deadlines and assignments due. Not to mention the housework and job hunting.

I am back though, and I am here. I have a review planned for this week as well. Here is to a new semester and a new lease on life!




Question of the day: What have you been up to? Are you super busy and overwhelmed?

Excitement abounds!


This week so far has been a good week for me. I have had a job interview, and have a few more on the horizon. Yesterday’s job interview we met at a restaurant, it was totally casual, and I didn’t worry about much of anything (hair included). Tomorrow’s interview is more professional, so I am thinking about my hair.

Recently I learned that I CAN flat twist. I was excited by this knowledge. I am seriously considering doing an updo for my interview tomorrow. In order to do that, I would have to start on my hair tonight. However, I have class tonight, and won’t get out until 9pm. After I get home, it will be around 9:30-9:45. So I am going to get started after this entry.

All I am going to do is wash, deep condition, and detangle my hair for right now. I will part it and twist it into a few large twists. I’ll wear a hat to class and just go to sleep like that. I will be sure to take lots of pictures of the outcome of my hair. Right now, I need to go hop in the shower and get ready and everything, because I do need to go to the library before class, and it is in the opposite direction of my school. There is actually a library that is sort of on the way, but whenever I request books, I have them sent to the library closest to me, which is in the opposite direction of school.

When you have an interview, do you do anything special with your hair?

I remember reading at one point that Brokey Mcpoverty straightened her hair for interviews, and if she got the job, she would walk in au natural.

From the bottom of my heart.




I wanted to thank each and every one of you that took my survey last month. You gave me a lot of great insight that I will be able to use to make this blog greater, as well as craft it into an independent study project. I am one of the smaller natural hair blogs on the web, but I am growing with all of your help. I appreciate every single one of you that stops by to read. I am truly humbled by the response that I received.

*group hug!*



Goals, it is good to have them.

This was an uneventful weekend for me. There was a reason for that. My second class started today, and I wanted as much relaxing time as I could possibly have. My twistout lasted a decent amount of time. Saturday the hubs and I went out for steak. I put it in a pouf and stuck a flower on it.

It looked really cute. Lately though I have been noticing that I am getting more and more headaches when I put my hair up. I use ouchless hair bands. They are big enough that I can double them up  and create the pouf.  My husband seems to think that my contacts are probably playing a part as well. I hope that isn't the case. How do you make a pouf with your hair? Does it cause you to have a headache? 
My hair is looking kind of busted right now, but that is okay. After I do the dishes, I am getting dressed and headed to the gym. The plan is to do the machines for a while, and maybe some light weight lifiting. Then I plan on going swimming .When I come home, I am going to twist up my hair (adding gel for more definition) and work on homework. I really don't plan on un-twisting it until it is time to go somewhere. 
What does your week look like this week? Anything fancy going on?

It’s OVER!!!!

*Runs manically through the house*


Until summer School.

*starts crying again*

Help a natural girl out!

So most of you know that I am in school for computer information technology at IUPUI. What you don't know is that on top of that, I am getting a certificate in technical communication. I won't bore you with the details, but basically it means that I will be well equipped to handle technical writing and understanding communications in the business world.

I opted for the fall semester to enroll in an independent study class. I want to turn my blog into a business venture. I want to learn how to write a business plan, and create my own website from scratch. I've taken web design classes and this is a way to implement both what I learned in my CIT courses and what I am learning in my technical writing courses.

This is where I turn to you my lovelies. I want to know what you want to see on a blog. I want to know what you enjoy about my blog and any ideas you may have. It will be a little bit before you see things fully implimented. I have to make a syllabus (as it is considered a class), research, and finally develop the things. I created an easy peasy survey for you to fill out here.

Today is May 1st. I want to leave the survey active for about a month, so I can get a good supply of opinions. Your opinion counts! Please fill it out. Thank you 🙂


School, Accessories, and Hair Length.

First off, a non-hair note: I had to go to school yesterday. I know that is an odd statement, seeing as how I am IN school, but 99% of my classes this semester are currently online. Let me back up a second. This semester I am at two schools. The majority of my classes are at IUPUI. All of these classes are online. I got lucky this semester with that. I hate physically going to class. Let us also not forget that I am a computer information technology major, which means I generally get stuck in classes that include only guys. Last semester I had a class of all girls, but it was an English course I needed for the technical communication certificate that want to get.

However, Math 153 and I have been having issue at IUPUI. I discovered that Ivy Tech has a comparable class. Plus it transfers over to IUPUI. So I am taking it there. I went to Ivy Tech for my associates degree, so I knew what to expect. It has been a bumpy ride over there. The administration is kind of horrible. But I just need this class and one more math class (which I plan to take online) and I am done there. FOREVER!!!

Anyway, I had to go up to IUPUI yesterday for a couple of reasons.

  1. There is a job fair next week, and I want to go. However, I have only been to one job fair in my life. Said job fair was not hiring for IT positions. Boo. Plus, I didn't really know how to act or what to do at a job fair. This clarified a lot for me. Shout out to Laura Bernal in the Academic and Career development area of IUPUI for hosting that. Needed it!
  2. I had an appointment with my academic advisor to get my classes set up for summer and fall semester. Shout out to Danny King who worked my schedule like a champ! He kind of looks like Bobby Flay...except Bobby Flay's eyes are like a washed out denim blue. Danny King's are bright blue. I digress
Anyway, come to find out, I GRADUATE MAY OF 2012!!! I am almost there people! Then we shall party like it is 1999. Or, if you were in my 9th grade French class, we shall party like it is mille neuf cent quatre-vingt-dix-neuf!!!!! I may go back for my masters one day. But for now, my bachelors IS IT!!!

So, my friend Melissa, has an Etsy shop located here. She is a crocheter (like me), but unlike me, she has put her talents to use. Recently she has learned how to make hair accessories, Like this cute crochet flower
She will add either an alligator clip or a barrette for you, making this the perfect hair accessory. Gotta love it! While she only has the one flower in her shop, she is making more, and if you message her, she can customize flowers for you. She also can make a rose, which shows you how much I know about flowers, as I thought this was a rose. She also does crocheted hair kerchiefs, and scrunchies, which I think would be really good to pineapple your hair with.Melissa can also crochet the flowers onto a headband! So stop by, say hi, and let her know I sent you!

Each day I am noticing more and more how much longer my hair is getting. It has been a long time coming. In November of last year when my hair got chopped it was SHORT.

My beautician put my hair in these cute little coils, She was trying so hard to make sure I didn't cry I think. I didn't do short hair. At all. Usually anytime anyone came near me to cut my hair, I cried. 
Now, I am here:

Sorry they are of poor quality, they are off my phone. 
I can't wait to see where my hair goes from here!

Be Funny Friday- The Student ID Edition.

Family and Life in Las Vegas and Crazy About My Baybah are back with this weeks edition of the Bee Funny Friday Follow, because being funny is what it is all about!! We hope that you will join in the fun and post pictures and/or stories about something funny that happened during the week. Something fun to get the weekend started.

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6. But most of all, Bee Funny! Because Beeing Funny is what it is all about!

Bee Funny is open to family friendly sites ONLY, all others will be deleted.

There are a couple of things that you need to know about me. I am messy. My desk right now, would scare the living day out of someone. It is littered with bottles, bags, lotions, potions, conditioners, cords, scrapbooking stuff, camera stuff, just everything. 

I am disorganized. In order for me to get stuff done, I need a list. That list has to state every single thing I need to do on a project, or shit gets scary. I've many a time woken up in a cold sweat at 3am in the morning, because I realized a project is due at 8am, and I forgot to write it down.. Meh. I am doing better with this though..I put everything in my outlook calendar and it syncs to my phone. 

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, so you will understand why the rest of this entry is so funny.

I lost my student ID. 

I don't really use my Jag Tag much.. just for food when I am on campus late, or for restaraunts downtown when me and the hubs go out. I keep at least 50 dollars on it per semester for that right there. 

My husband and I really wanted to go out to eat, but we didn't want to tinker with the budget, so I had the grand idea of going downtown and using my jag tag...
Couldn't find it. 

I tore my office apart, I tore the bedroom apart. Nothing. It couldn't be anywhere  else because the rest of the house is tidy. I worked hard to keep it tidy. In the end, we couldn't find it and I resigned myself to getting a new one.

I purchased a new one on Wednesday. Yesterday Jeff and I were catching up on Mad Men (If you do not watch this show.. please, go, now and rent it!! Love it!) and I was fiddling with stuff on the table... What is this!? Why.. it's my old student ID!! On the living room table.. Under the keyboard...ARGH!

I just sighed. What else can you do? LOL