Pampering Day- The Results.

Hey guys,

Coming at you with an incredibly late post on what I did on my pampering day.

Between going to school and working full time, I get run down fairly quickly. This is not good as it will affect my work and school performance. Not to mention our household. Both my husband and I burn the candle at both ends, so our house ends up looking crazy, which is a cause for depression. No one wants the place they call their sanctuary to look like a hoarders nest. 

Never this bad, but you get the point.
Think of it as the hierarchy of needs. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is as follows:
From Wikipedia

What Maslow is saying is that your base needs have to be met in order for you to have any awareness of self. I am going to take it a step further and say you have to take care of yourself before you are able to take care of anyone else. So this is what I was going to do.
Hubs had to be out of town for work one weekend. I was going to take some time and do me and just be happy. That is what I did. 
I started off creating a hot oil treatment for my hair.
Cast of Characters: coconut oil, honey, Moroccan oil. I wanted olive oil, but I thought I was out. After I got finished, I discovered that the olive oil was on the kitchen stove. In front of my face. Bah.
I put my tea pot on to boil and doubled up two sandwich bags. I placed the oils and honey in the sandwich bags. I put the sandwich bags in a plastic container and poured the hot water in the container. 
I'm meelllting!!!!
I waited until the mixture was pretty much melted. I squished the bag between my fingers to combine all the ingredients. I then applied it to my hair and slapped a processing cap on. 
A little hint if you are going to do this, no matter how much preparation you have, it is going to get messy. Have your areas covered, and have a towel around your neck. More on this later.
I then began to draw my bath (doesn't that sound elegant!?). 
Sorry it is so blurry, its my camera phone. Cast of characters: Melon bubble bath, rose shaped soaps, giant lemon fizz ball, and essential oils that smell like Cool Water for Women. 
I ran the bath and dumped in bubble bath. I chopped off a piece of the fizzy ball and dropped it in there. I dumped in the rest of the oil and then I got to the soaps... Oh the soaps. Let me post the instructions about the soaps to you:
  • Fetch some pieces
  • Dissolve in some water
  • Scribble in the skin

I stared at them blankly, especially the scribble word. I am assuming that is a British thing, as I have never heard the word used in that context before. But oh well.

The resulting bath.. ahhhhh

 One more thing. My book.

The Playboy Prince by Nora Roberts.. ahh trashy literature!

I soaked for about an hour when a problem was becoming more and more apparent. The oil on my hair was getting EVERYWHERE. In my eyes, behind my ears, just all over the place. I eventually gave up, cleaned myself, and rinsed myself off. I twisted my hair and just relaxed the rest of the day. It was so nice. When I untwisted my hair the next day it was soft and manageable. One less stressor in my life!
What do you do to unwind? What is the most relaxing scenario you can think of?

A change is gonna come.


As I sit here with fried looking hair, looking rode hard and put away wet, I have decided I need a change.

                              I googled ‘Fried Dyed and Laid to the Side’ This is what I got *Snort*

I work 40 hours a week. I come home and I work more. School work and housework never ends. It isn’t just me though. If I am working 40 hours, my husband is currently putting in 60 to 70 hours a week. A couple of days ago He didn’t get home from work until 9pm.

It is not just that though. Ever since I lost weight, I haven’t shopped for clothes I enjoy. I have work outfits that I have purchased for the sole purpose of work. They are okay looking, but they make me feel staid and just, ugh.

I am stuck in a rut. I don’t take care of myself like I should. I don’t do anything for me and my husband. We work, we come home, we pick up dinner, and we stare blankly at the TV for an hour or two before we get started on our bedroom rituals.

I’m frustrated and tired guys. I’m stuck in a rut. I was doing laundry this evening and realized I was stuck in a clothing rut as well. Let me give you the primary example I have. For about 10 years now I have bought one type of jean. I purchase the Lane Bryant Right Fit Jeans. You know the ones I am talking about. The ones that are folded up in the store. (Size 6 blue circle!). The quality has gone downhill over the years. I am not entirely sure they are real denim anymore. Plus they smell funny, no matter how many times you wash them.

Tomorrow I am making time for myself. Jeff is out of town for the weekend for work (boo), but I am going to make the most of it. I plan on doing a hot oil treatment on my hair, painting my nails, and just beautifying myself. I also plan on buying a pair of nice new jeans. I need to step out of the jean comfort zone.  I still have homework and I still have housework, but I need to focus on myself for just a little bit.


My questions to you: Have you pampered yourself recently? If not, why? Is it something you struggle with?

Best choices for us.

I am exhausted. If anyone ever told me that the holidays were an actual vacation, I think I would punch them.
Roughly a month ago I got a haircut. It was actually more of a trim. My hair grows quicker in the back than anywhere else, giving me a mullet type look. Not good.
It got me to thinking. When I was younger if you came at my hair with a pair of scissors, be it a trim or an actual cut, to correct broken off hair, I would be in tears. My hair took forever to grow, and all I ever wanted was long hair. When it was relaxed, it seemed as if I could never achieve that dream. The longest my hair ever really got was to my earlobe.
With my natural hair, no matter how bad I treat it, it grows. When I say I treat it bad, I mean I don’t tie it up every night like I am supposed to, I go longer than I should without a serious detangle, and I have hand-in-hair syndrome.
Ultimately I believe that natural hair was the best choice for myself. What about you? 
 Can you tell I am sick? I feel like crap. On my way to work.
What is the best choice you have made for  yourself?

From the bottom of my heart.




I wanted to thank each and every one of you that took my survey last month. You gave me a lot of great insight that I will be able to use to make this blog greater, as well as craft it into an independent study project. I am one of the smaller natural hair blogs on the web, but I am growing with all of your help. I appreciate every single one of you that stops by to read. I am truly humbled by the response that I received.

*group hug!*



Accepting yourself completely


We made it to Friday! Yay!

If you are on Facebook, you would have seen that I posted a couple of photos of my hair.



This being one of them. It is my webcam on my computer, that is why it is kind of craptacular. Anyway, I was headed to the Glee concert last night and trying to do something with my hair.  Normally (as in EVERY DAY) I put in a headband and a flower. Sometimes I make a poof, but still have the flower as well. In this photo I have on the flower, but no headband.

As I was figuring out my hair last night, I realized that I always feel kind of stupid without my headband and flower. I feel like everyone is looking at me. This caused me to wonder: am I being ashamed of my hair?

I didn’t want that.

I slowly took the flower out my hair, and fluffed up my twists. I looked really good. One thing I might do in the future is add gel to my twists when they are twisted up. Some of the instantly spread out. and it looked uber cute with them twisted up like that.


See? Totally cute. Except I have that Johnson forehead, that should be a fivehead. *snort*

Oh, and Glee was so much fun! I am really really loud and screamed my head off.. as a result, I got a barf bag from a cheerio. LOL. At one point it got really quiet in the place and I screamed out “I LOVE YOU PUCK!” He could so hear it.

To the two girls that I met in like while I was getting popcorn and you were getting Beer. YOU ARE AMAZING! I hope you live in Indianapolis and we can meet up sometime and drink and drool over Puck! LOL.

Help a natural girl out!

So most of you know that I am in school for computer information technology at IUPUI. What you don't know is that on top of that, I am getting a certificate in technical communication. I won't bore you with the details, but basically it means that I will be well equipped to handle technical writing and understanding communications in the business world.

I opted for the fall semester to enroll in an independent study class. I want to turn my blog into a business venture. I want to learn how to write a business plan, and create my own website from scratch. I've taken web design classes and this is a way to implement both what I learned in my CIT courses and what I am learning in my technical writing courses.

This is where I turn to you my lovelies. I want to know what you want to see on a blog. I want to know what you enjoy about my blog and any ideas you may have. It will be a little bit before you see things fully implimented. I have to make a syllabus (as it is considered a class), research, and finally develop the things. I created an easy peasy survey for you to fill out here.

Today is May 1st. I want to leave the survey active for about a month, so I can get a good supply of opinions. Your opinion counts! Please fill it out. Thank you 🙂


Be Yourself, Be Beautiful

First off, I hope everyone had a joyous and happy Thanksgiving. My was wonderful.

Yesterday caught me looking adorable. My hair was poofed, I had on a cute top, skinny jeans and my Uggs. I felt great and I knew I looked good.  Yesterday's holiday was spent at the in-laws, so I just talked to my family on the phone. When talking to my mom I told her how adorable I looked, and she just laughed and told me I was silly.

You see this a lot with people. They don't compliment themselves, they wait for someone to validate their adorableness. Thing is, I don't need that. I know when I am cute. I also know when I look a hot mess (like, uh, right now lol). I don't need anyone to tell me how cute I look. Yes, it is nice that you have noticed that I look good, and thank you for the compliment. But I don't dress nice just to please you. I dress nice because I feel good dressing up.

So, all of you out there, who are looking flyy, being yourself, being smexy, and just feeling great. Tell yourself you are adorable. Make sure you mean it. Love you. Love being you!