Carol’s Daughter Product Review

So the product that I am reviewing is not a hair product. However, I did review a Carol's Daughter hair product over on Beauty and the Bitch . You should check that out as well. Today on my blog, I am reviewing their Almond Cookie Shea Souffle.
First off after getting this product, I took a big whiff… and fell into a sea of soft loving almond-y goodness. Oh wow this stuff smells good! I have really dry skin so I was praying to the Flying Spaghetti Monster (google it..You're welcome) that it worked well.
My prayers were answered.
Instantly my skin felt soft and smooth and luxurious. It is a small jar but a little goes a long way. I slather some on after I've had a bath and I feel all soft and touchable. My husband agrees with me too. If you read my blog over there on Beauty and the Bitch, You will see I wasn't the biggest fan of their leave in conditioner. But their Souffle? Sign me up! It's totally worth the money. I am just jealous of all the people that live near a CD!

Thar She Grows!

Good day my lovelies! I hope all is going well with you in natural world. Things are….well, they are okay over here. I would be lying if every now and again I didn't pull on my hair to see its length and think "If my hair was relaxed, it would be this long.

But then I realize, this is about more than long hair. It is about healthy hair, hair that I can manage and take care of, without having to spend several hours a week in a salon. Yes, I loved the silky feeling of my hair when it was relaxed, but that silky feeling only lasted a week at best. The rest of the time I was walking around like Pippi Longstockings!

For you that do not know me, I have a type 4a Curl. That means my hair is very kinky with a visible curl pattern. I need to take some pictures of my hair, I don't have any really recent ones. Maybe that will be my next entry.


For those interested about the classification of curls, you can check out: . It breaks down each type of curl pattern, and also offers you some products specifically for your curl type.

Right now, I am doing very basic things with my hair. I wash it using a suave shampoo and conditioner. I moisturize using olive oil. I pick it out into a sassy fro' and then I dash!

I'm loving the ease..I just wish my hair was a wee bit longer.

Not been writing

I know i have not been writing at all lately. I promise I will get it together!

No News today.

Today has been a rather lazy day. I haven't done anything to my hair. Probably won't as I don't fathom going outside much today. I have been doing some research on and for different things to use on my hair. My main problem with my hair is dryness. No matter the season, my hair is always dry. I am keeping a list of oils that I plan on purchasing. Right now I am just using an olive oil/leave in conditioner mix that I make myself.

I want to get more creative on hair styling also. My hair is fairly short right now though. There isn't much in the way of styling options that I see thus far. If you have any ideas do not hesitate to let me know.

In the beginning there was me.

Natural? What is Natural. For me Natural wasn't a well thought out plan, a choice, or a dare. I didn't weigh pros and cons, think about my big chop daily, or ask friends about it. It came about in a rather matter-of-fact type of way.
I had micro braids put in my hair. My relaxed hair. When it came time to take them out, I discovered that the girl who put them in wasn't as compentent as I originally though. I had mass clumpy tangled hair, that was in noway going to untangle. My hair dresser suggested I go natural. I am glad that I did. She cut my hair so that an inch or two was maybe left around. She put it in little divided curls and sent me on my way.

I am a product of my upbringing. That is to say, that I always thought in order to be pretty, Long hair must be had. For example:

I was always taught I had "bad hair" That I needed to straighten it within an inch of its life for it to be okay.

That is not the case any longer.

I love being natural. There is an ease with it, that I have never experienced in my life with my hair. I get up, wash my hair, pick it out and go.

The reason why I started this blog is that, I want to show other girls out there, that it is okay to be natural, while discovering new tricks and secrets along the way. For right now, I use olive oil to moisturise my hair, and Suave conditioner in the shower. I want to learn how to do new things weith my hair, and learn to love and completely accept it. I still have my days where I miss the length and the straightness, But I am not giving up.